Academic roundup

No blogging lately, not just because of the holidays, but also because I’ve been working on a number of different academic projects. Here is a quick set of links, for those interested.

First of all, a Habermas paper that I have been fiddling around with for a long time finally came out, in Philosophy and Social Criticism. It’s called Rebooting Discourse Ethics. The official version is gated, but the MS can be found here. Thanks to PSC for letting me go on at length!

I’ve also posted a series of papers that I’m working on over at my page. The first, Why Do People Behave Immorally When Drunk? is coming out in Philosophical Explorations soon. I’m happy to see this one in print, as it was a huge amount of work. My co-author, Benoit Hardy-Vallée, wrote the first draft while he was doing a SSHRC post-doc with me at UofT maybe 10 years ago. It got put on the back burner when Benoit finished, where every few years I would pull it out and work on it a bit, then get distracted by something and put it back again, unfinished. Anyhow, now it`s done.

The second paper is one that I’m giving at University of Utrecht next week: On the Very Idea of a Just Wage. Still very much a work in progress.

That last is actually a chapter of a book I’m writing on public administration, Cost-Benefit Analysis as an Expression of Liberal Neutrality. The first chapter is up too, as A General Framework for the Ethics of Public Administration, and chapter three, Three Normative Models of the Welfare State. All I have to do now is write chapters 2, 4 and 6…

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