In due cake

Today is the one-year anniversary of the creation of this blog. 49,374 visitors and 156,981 pageviews later, I would like to mark the occasion in two ways.

First, I thought I might provide a list of our top five most popular posts of the year, ranked by number of readers:

  1. Joseph Heath: Thoughts on Rob Ford, vol. 2 (6,223)
  2. Joseph Heath: Why people hate economics, in one lesson (4,570)
  3. Daniel Weinstock: On Israel, Gaza and double standards (3,138)
  4. Jocelyn Maclure: Le multiculturalism, un despotisme? réplique à Mathieu Bock-Côté (3,108)
  5. Joseph Heath: Abject economic illiteracy at the Globe and Mail (2,126)

You see why journalists are all missing Rob Ford?

Overall I have no idea if this is good traffic or not, I’ve never had a blog before. But I’ll take it!

Second I’d like to acknowledge the contribution of a few people who work behind the scenes: Timothy Walker (from timeanddesire) for the initial site and logo design, and Jeremy Davis for regular comment moderation and technical troubleshooting. Thanks also to our regular readers and commentators, particularly those providing the likes, shares and tweets (which are very important to us). And finally thanks to h1ppophagist for being so diligent about putting our stuff on reddit.

Regular readers will have noticed that Jocelyn Maclure was poached from us by L’actualité, where you can find him blogging now. So keeping us on top of the Quebec City scene will be Patrick Turmel.

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