Introducing Morality, Competition, and the Firm

I’m not trying to be annoying here, but I just received a copy of my new book, Morality, Competition and the Firm, published by Oxford University Press. This one’s an academic book, a collection of papers on business ethics, as well as some more general stuff on the normative foundations of capitalism. Five of the pieces are new, nine are previously published (some in hard-to-find books).


This is the third time that I’ve had two books come out in the same year — the reason has to do with the fact that trade publishing and academic publishing work at a completely different pace. For those who are curious, I don’t actually write these things simultaneously, it’s that the trade books take about half as long as the academic ones to make their way into print (primarily because they are not refereed). So I write a bunch of academic stuff, then I write a popular book, and then they both come out at the same time.

Google Books actually got a copy long before I did, so if you’d like a peek inside, you can find it here.

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