The tragically overpriced

Had a good time talking to Shad on q this morning, about the amazing prices being demanded for tickets to Tragically Hip concerts on the secondary market.

Got a lot of hate for that one. Reading the comments thread over at CBC reminded me of this:




The tragically overpriced — 5 Comments

  1. I loved the argument, Joe. There’s a reason I read this blog and not message boards or comment sections. Call me a snob, but that kind of tripe just isn’t worth eating. If you want elevated, cogent conversation, you can’t just invite anybody with a keyboard and an opinion.

  2. I listened to the interview and read the commenters on CBC. Listening skills aren’t very good, are they, especially if you’ve decided a priori to grind an axe.

    I guess there are still people who think that rock & roll is rebellion, but people often prefer mythology to reality. Our culture is handing over near-monopoly powers to a very small number of online companies, and by and large we go along with it.

  3. Your interview was great. Listeners’ rage might have been mitigated a little if they heard a few examples of ways artists can reduce the market price of their tickets and hence cut down on scalping. According to an old episode of Planet Money[1], Kid Rock was able to bring down the market price of his concert tickets by doing things like increasing supply (offering more shows), selling many of the best tickets at a true market price, but reserving the first few rows at his shows for fans selected from general seating by lottery.


  4. Hey – I thought the interview was very interesting…..and I said so on my facebook page.